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Why PCR Plates A Good Choice For Lab Workers

by ryanwilson
PCR Plates

PCR Plates is one of the precise laboratory procedures that are relied on for accuracy and profound analysis of the samples. The labs are switching to advanced and automated systems and equipment to achieve precision with the process.

Among the modern PCR lab requirements, PCR plates are the essential part. These are the set of short wells (structures that look like the bottom of the test tubes to carry liquids) that are mounted on a plate.

PCR plates vary in the number of wells and somewhat of structure, including colour also. This is all according to the need of the procedure and collateral equipment you use.

Structure Of A PCR Plate:


The PCR plate is made of polypropylene. It is made sure that they are entirely free of contaminants and DNase and RNase so that they may not influence the procedure.Past, Present, and Future: How Technology Affects Healthcare


The shape of the PCR plate has two components, i-e, tubes and caps. The tubes are half-test tube structures (the bottom) that can be round or conical. They came up with caps to be put while the PCR plate to seal the tubes while positioned in the instrument.


The PCR plates are primarily available in transparent and white colours. However, there are many other colours available as per the requirement. The white ones are more advantageous for fluorescent quantitative PCR.


They are available from 100ul to 200ul in propylene.

Types according to Formation:

The PCR reaction plates are required to be safe and resistant to heat. For that, they are available as non-skirted PCR plates, semi-skirted PCR plates, skirted PCR plates, and fast and low-profile PCR plates.

Things To Consider When Buying PCR Plates:

You should be very careful about hygiene and the productivity of the manufacturer.

Make sure that these are made in a certified clean environment. If not so, then they might contain contaminants that might be disastrous for the results. Therefore the need for a reliable vendor is a must.

mbpinc net provides the best quality PCR microplates and cell culture flasks so that you have the most reliable results.


Buying a thermo-resistant plate is a must because they become adjustable inside the PCR system if they are deformed with the heat.

Why Do Labs Rely On PCR Plates

PCR Plates Are Durable Options To Use With Any PCR System

PCR plates are on constant exposure to the PCR cycle and sterilisation. These may cause mould and deformity of PCR plate tubes. This may cause uneven shapes that do not let it fit inside the PCR system.

Provides Facility To Handle Multiple Samples At Once:

Microplates are used widely in labs all around the world. The use of microplates has enabled lab workers to test various models at once. The handling and procedure in PCR cyclers have become much quicker.

PCR Microplates Are Cost-Efficient:

The material of PCR Microplates makes them durable and multi-use. You can use them multiple times after sterilisation. They are a kind of one-time investment that you can make and save cost on using separate test tubes that are more prone to breakage and damage.

Precautions To Use PCR Plates:

While adding the samples to microplates, there might be some air bubbles in the tubes. These air bubbles are removed by proper centrifuge practice. 

While using PCR plates for quantitative fluorescent PCR, it is recommended to use optical membranes for sealing the wells of the tubes.

Wrap Up:

The PCR plate are the new door to microsampling techniques. They are compatible and easy to use with automated PCR Cyclers. 

The most important advantage of it is the heat-resistant structure that lets it be sterile multiple times. 

The narrow tube end and sealing with a cap ensure no contamination and preservation without aerosols.

The cost of these PCR plate ranges from a few to hundreds of pounds, but it is better to buy once and use them for a longer time. With mbpinc.net, you can buy the best quality PCR Plate that are suitable for multiple PCR Cycler automated systems. ALSO READ : Improve Your Financial Health

The good quality ensures accurate results and precision for handling the process. Read more about health and fitness.

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