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These are 5 Advantages of Microsoft 365 You Should Know

by alrafayconsulting1
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) has been available since 2011.

Microsoft 365 is available in Home and Personal editions which are intended for use by families, students, and individuals for personal, non-commercial use.

There are also Business and Enterprise versions available, which offer a more advanced feature set than the Home and Personal versions.

Here are five Microsoft 365 services that can be very useful for business and enterprise needs, reported by ZDnet:

Large Capacity Email

The first advantage is that there is a business class email that provides each Microsoft 365 subscriber with a maximum capacity of 50 GB or 100 GB.

This email can be accessed via a web browser or using the Outlook app on Windows, on a Mac, or on a mobile device.

Interestingly there is also built-in malware and spam filtering, there are also other features such as eDiscovery.

OneDrive for Business

Every Microsoft 365 business subscriber gets 1 TB of personal OneDrive for Business storage, with the option to sync for every desktop and mobile platform available.

The Files on Demand feature allows users to view and manage cloud-based storage using File Explorer.

Enterprise plan administrators can upgrade users to unlimited storage if 1 TB isn’t enough.

SharePoint Online

The SharePoint interface is now more attractive and allows teams to share files and synchronize information in File Explorer using the same desktop client as in OneDrive for Business.

SharePoint and Exchange Online include administrative controls to restrict users from sharing confidential information outside of the company.

Team Microsoft 365

This collaborative platform replaces the Skype for Business service, offers unified communications, HD video conferencing, and instant messaging and has many of the same features as Slack.

Interestingly, the free version of Teams allows small businesses to use the service without having to pay any licensing fees.

Additional Services

Some Microsoft 365 plans include services targeted at specific audiences. There are Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium plans.

For example, it includes services for small and medium businesses; These tools include Microsoft Bookings, which enables customers to schedule and manage schedules for meetings , and MileIQ, a mileage tracking service.

All Enterprise plans include Yammer social networking services and a selection of business automation tools, including Microsoft Power Apps to create custom forms, Power Automate to streamline repetitive workflows, and Power BI Pro, an advanced business analysis tool.

5 Advantages of Microsoft Office 365 You Should Know

The legendary Microsoft Office now has a new variant entitled Office 365. What are its advantages compared to other variants?

Actually, Office 365 is an office productivity support software that has Word, PowerPoint and Excel applications, like Office in general. However, with the addition of the number 365, of course there is a significant difference.

So, here are the advantages of Office 365 that you won’t find in other Office variants:

Always Get the Latest Updates

Office 365 allows you to get the latest updates from mainstay applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Apart from that, PCs with this software installed will also get Access and Publisher services which have never existed in other Offices, even the newest Office 2016.

Have a Supporting Smart Application

With Office 365 you can work more easily, efficiently and smarter, because of the support of intelligent apps such as Smart Lookup, Tell Me, Designer and Morph. All of these exclusive applications can be your guide while doing many things with Office 365.

Up to 5 Different Devices Can Be Used

You can install Office 365 on up to 5 PC devices at once, you can even combine it with a Mac too. If you don’t use all of them, you can share them with friends, family, and other close people. Sharing is not only beautiful, but also sophisticated, right?

Integrated into Other Devices

You can get extra features using Office applications on various devices up to 5 tablets and 5 smartphones. For those of you who have high mobility, of course, this feature really helps you from dependence on a single PC device in creating or editing Office applications.

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Cloud-Based Computing Services

As if understanding the mobility of its users, Office 365 has a cloud-based storage service that gives you a capacity of 1 TB via OneDrive. With this service you can open any document from any device, anytime and anywhere safely and comfortably.

With the advantages above, of course, makes Office 365 one of the best friends on a PC. If you want to be friends with this software, Bhinneka is currently having an interesting promo that you can take a peek at here.

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