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The Best Kept Secret in the Photocopier Industry


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More than just another third-party provider

Living in the age of the digital photocopier has many wonderful benefits. Technology that optimizes subcontracting or outsourcing services is one of these benefits. Whether you need remote IT work or a virtual HR assistant, business solutions are at the click of a mouse (or the touch of a smartphone).

But what is it exactly?

In summary, today companies can easily outsource everything related to printing and photocopying to a qualified supplier, from the purchase of equipment to the repair and delivery of toner cartridges. Obviously for brands of printers and print your banner such as HP, Epson, Samsung, Canon, Brother, etc. that they are happy selling expensive toner cartridges, better not be disclosed.

But, even if they don’t want to, having an outsourcing service has more relevance for companies, because it results in a professional world where their workers can focus more on the success of the company and less on the interruptions of a spilled printer or a photocopier without toner.

Tangible benefits

There is tremendous value in having a third party oversee the company-wide printer and copier ecosystem, beyond freeing up time (and reducing headaches), especially when you consider these statistics:

On average, printer and photocopier repair costs are three times higher than the price of a new printer.

Monthly costs for printers and photocopiers are just below those for rent, payroll, and office administrative services.

Two thirds of offices do not keep track of their printing costs.

All of this doesn’t even take into account the huge environmental impact of mismanaged print management in an era where E-Waste is starting to be a gigantic problem for cities and communities.

Managed Print Services greatly improves all of these statistics. In fact, research shows that effective managed print services can reduce a company’s printing and copying costs by 20 to 40 percent, as well as potentially improve document security and an office’s environmental footprint.

Below, we’ll share everything about Managed Print Services and how it can transform your office culture and some final takeaways.

Dig in and meticulously define managed print services.

For brief definitions: Managed Print Services (or MPS) is the oversight and provision of print document production and printing and photocopying needs by a third-party service provider. Sure, that was a tongue twister, but the more you read, the more you’ll understand.

Managed Print Services go beyond printers or photocopiers, they can include fax machines, scanners, and even cloud storage and scanning software .

Depending on the agreement, payment to a provider can take the form of a subscription or on a per-page cost-per-page basis. Some type of agreement places each device under a monthly maintenance or management contract that includes all consumables and parts potentially needed for the repair. In our case, at Cartridge World Guatemala we offer printer and photocopier programs at NO COST with repairs and maintenance included, as long as you buy and use our ink and toner cartridges in those printers and photocopiers.

What do managed print services include?

Once you’ve committed to renting or buying a printer (or another imaging device), the managed print service provider will monitor your printer environment, including product inventory and printer health.

our managed print service provider might suggest that you purchase a full-size monochrome photocopier for all office printing, along with an inkjet printer located nearby and connected to the design equipment. Your managed print service provider might even be able to help you with an office printing policy or advise you when it’s time to switch to energy-intensive or inefficient machines.

More than just another third-party provider

Have you ever had problems with a network of printers or with mobile printing from WiFi or cellular devices? A managed print service provider can help you with these issues at NO COST.

Automated supplies delivery:

Overstocking or understocking when it comes to toner is a source of stress for office managers and IT staff. But how is this done effectively? read on below. READ ALSO : Cleaning Techniques

Printer Monitoring –

This is where the digital age can unequivocally improve your printer experience. This solution works through super-secure remote monitoring software, allowing a managed print service provider to remotely monitor their printers or fleet of printers. Cartridge levels, paper usage, and printer health are available in real-time or post-post reports, enabling a proactive attitude toward the printer environment. Imagine a printer expert came to your printer before you knew it needed service? Are your cartridges always in storage? That’s the wonder of printer monitoring.

A printer outage is frustrating and even detrimental to office productivity. Instead of fantasizing about vandalizing your laser printer like in the classic 2000s movie, “Office Space,” why not call a managed print service provider who can offer same-day service or hand over a loaner copier? Sustainability: Better control over printing and print products means less waste. Some managed print service providers may inquire about green printing or offer recycling programs. As an example, Cartridge World offers recycling programs for empty toner cartridges, which has earned us recognition as the only authorized supplier of printer cartridges in the region by the US EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. in English.

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