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That’s why swimming is so much fun all your life!

Swimming benefits with lifeguard certification near me

by AmericanLifeguardAssociation

Swimming is good for your condition and your muscles with lifeguard certification near me. In this blog we tell you everything about how to train your muscles with swimming, and which swimming stroke suits which muscle group. We also tell you how many strokes swimmers swim on average per minute and how many laps they do on average in an hour, so that you can compare your performance with that of top athletes!

Swimming pools and swimming schools are therefore also closed . The reasons why this is necessary are very clear. But, of course it is hard. You prefer to be at the edge of the bath. You love to see happy children, motivated swimmers and happy seniors. Unfortunately. It can’t now. To keep up the spirit, today a list of why swimming is so much fun. Because one thing is certain: soon we will go swimming again. Why? Here’s why!

Low risk of injury

Swimming has a low risk of injury. For example, you are not ‘burdened’ by gravity. On land, gravity is of course very nice, only with sports it is ruthless for joints and muscles. Fortunately, water removes most of the gravity, allowing you to use arm and leg muscles in a weightless environment. Together with proper technique training, the risk of injury is therefore even lower. Swimming is also a great way to recover from injury as it allows the body to move rigorously without straining the body.

Full body training

As is known, all the muscles in your body are used in swimming. The body needs to coordinate the muscles in a way that keeps the body in balance and still moving forward. This requires muscle tone and core strength. This makes swimming ideal to strengthen your body. Pushing the wall without gravity is a lot more fun and the benefits of a flat stomach speak for themselves. Whether you’re doing a workout, soft breaststroke, or ‘like a Pro’ butterfly swim, you’re getting a full-body workout that gets all the muscles working hard.

A great cardio workout

Did you know that thirty minutes of swimming equals forty-five minutes of training on land? Swimming is the only sport where you can vary the intensity of the workout without going faster. Just by playing with breathing rhythms, a simple endurance training turns into an interval training.

Swimming relaxes

Have you tried to think about something other than swimming while swimming? No, of course not, swimming up and down and concentrating on our stroke is enough to forget all thoughts or to-do lists in our head. Making us feel fresh and fruity for the challenges of the day after a swim. Swimming requires a mental engagement that very few other sports require. It is therefore ideal for reducing stress levels and increasing coordination in the brain.

Swimming increases flexibility and mobility

Freestyle, backstroke or butterfly or a workout. It really doesn’t matter what you do in the pool. It is good for your flexibility and mobility. Moving in the water therefore promotes overall body mobility. Swimming is therefore for all ages. So you can enjoy swimming for the rest of your life.

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