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Steel Door Vs Wooden Door Buying Guide with Stairway Studio

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What are Steel Doors?

Steel makes for one of the greatest outside doors for residences, businesses, and other structures. Due to their strength and security, Steel Doors and Frames Manufacturer are commonly used as protective doors in a variety of constructions and buildings. Because of the incredible designs that are currently available on the market, some individuals may argue that steel doors are not as aesthetically pleasing as their wooden and fiber counterparts. Steel doors have a lot of applications. They resist manipulation and are rustproof, waterproof, and fireproof. Steel doors are extremely sturdy and inexpensive. They are the excellent barrier separating the inside from the outside. These steel doors essentially serve to add another layer of protection to your buildings and structures.

What are Wooden Doors?

If you enjoy interior design, wooden doors are ideal for you. These wooden doors are composed of solid wood or plywood frame and panel construction and come in an infinite number of styles, finishes, and designs. Even though they may seem dull, conventional wooden doors are the ideal choice for any upmarket home. Typically internal doors or wooden doors can improve the appearance and security of your property. However, wooden doors don’t do much to safeguard your home against threats from the outside. As they are easy to manipulate and break into, wooden doors are not the best external doors.

Doors made of steel and those made of wood differ!

In terms of functionality, steel and timber doors each have a certain function in our structures. Residential structures typically use wooden doors, but commercial buildings and constructions typically use steel doors. On the other hand, contemporary homes also use steel doors. The differences between steel and wooden doors are seen here. The base of a steel door is composed of a polyurethane or polystyrene core and a layer of steel skin. To further hide the polyurethane core, it has wooden panels that wrap around the exterior. A heavy door made of solid steel can even come off its hinges.

However, a steel door will perform a great job of regulating the temperature in your building. The core of the steel door acts as a thermal barrier to keep out unwanted heat or cold. Contrarily, a wooden door is usually made of a solid wood block, a hollow core door, or a solid core door. A hollow core door is made of a cardboard honeycomb core with a layer of wood fiber ply on top. They are amazingly delicate and very light. An engineered wood core that is covered in wood veneer makes up the core of a solid-core door. These hardwood doors have a good amount of strength and longevity. There is also the matter of cost when contrasting the cost of a steel door to a wooden door.

How to choose between Steel and Wooden Doors?

The door’s design and cut should be given the utmost consideration while purchasing one. If you prefer a traditional construction and cut, Steel Doors and Frames Manufacturer are an option. However, because they are so easy to carve and shape into a particular pattern, wooden doors are a better option if you want something ostentatious. Second, if weatherproofing is your primary concern, get a steel door. In many aspects, steel doors are better than wooden doors. Use wooden doors, however, if aesthetics are your first priority. With steel doors, your stylistic options may be limited.

1Thirdly, steel doors are resistant to termites and rot in terms of functionality and toughness. However, rotting and termites can harm wooden doors. Steel doors also maintain seclusion and silence, which is occasionally compromised by wooden doors. Not to add that your steel door has an established market price. Selling a steel door is easier than a wooden door, which could be more challenging. There are few options for recycling wooden doors, however, steel doors can also be recycled.

How much less expensive Steel Doors are than Wooden Ones?

Steel doors are substantially more cost-effective when you consider their weatherproof characteristics and prolonged service life. Steel doors are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes. They are waterproof and have a great fire rating, which increases security. Steel doors don’t corrode or warp, therefore maintenance costs are lower. On the other side, wooden doors require routine maintenance. They degrade and are not weather-resistant without routine maintenance. Wooden doors are more expensive and less fire resistant during their lifetimes when compared to steel doors.

Even if they give your house regal and natural air, wooden doors can be expensive to buy and create, so they may not be an option for everyone. Steel Doors and Frames Manufacturers, on the other hand, create them industrially in big quantities, making them readily available and fairly priced. As a result, when all factors are considered, a steel door is more affordable than a wooden door.

Types of Doors based on the Placement:

The Outer Doors:

Entry and egress into the home are made possible by exterior or front doors. These doors are therefore expected to be strong and safe. They should be able to withstand outside elements including rain and wetness. An excellent external door doesn’t warp or flex as the temperature changes.

The Inside Doors:

Your house has doors on the inside. These doors don’t need to be as durable as exterior doors because they don’t experience weathering or exposure to the elements. They are often just intended to be used as visual boundaries between rooms. They only require strong doors when extra protection is required to protect people’s possessions and property.

Based on the Material:


Interior doors are usually made of wood or lumber. Timber doors are in style and are a material that is frequently used in residential construction. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and provides natural insulation because it is a natural material. However, elegance comes at a high cost. In addition to being expensive, they require steel bolts and hinges to be integrated during installation, which can be challenging.


Fiberglass is very flexible since it can be molded and fitted into a variety of shapes. They are sturdy and have a high level of durability. They are only used on outside doors. Despite the fact that they lack aesthetic appeal, they are simple to maintain. They are a popular choice in the affordable housing market because of their low cost.


Glass doors only have two benefits: they have a nice, elegant appearance and let in natural light. For see-through front open doors, they are a good alternative. Because they are easily broken, glass doors provide little to no security. Additionally, they are too pricey, fragile, and hefty.

Aluminium Doors:

Aluminum has a built-in resistance to rust, weathering, and other elements of the environment. They are a wonderful choice for use as outside doors because they are also lightweight. Aluminum doors are currently mostly utilized in business settings. They are durable and simple to maintain.

Steel Doors:

Steel doors can be utilized on the inside and outside of buildings. Since they have high abrasion resistance, they are less susceptible to moisture and the outside environment. Residential steel doors include a steel casing on top of a polyurethane substance to decrease weight and provide a sturdy framework. They come in a range of colors and patterns, but they are usually not attractive. They are more affordable than wood.


The purchase and installation of steel doors are simpler than you might imagine. Contrary to wooden doors, you can significantly reduce the price of the door’s frame, latch, and carvings. Everything about the doors we offer, including security, a lock system, and a finish, is included in the price.

Additionally, we provide a 12-month warranty, free delivery, and free installation if you purchase from Stairway Studio!

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