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Shaper of  Financial Stream: Practice Mate EHR Software Or Kareo?  

by larybarden1

Looking for a way to maximize clinical revenue? Seal the deal with Kareo or Practice Mate EHR software and experience a streamlined financial stream.  A medical practice unfolds more than just patient encounters. It doesn’t just revolve around streamlining the patient influx. Running a medical practice means keeping clinical, financial, and administrative operations in sync. An act of sluggishness in any aspect reflects on others, too, keeping practices from maintaining sustainability and consistency. Today’s guide will focus on the financial aspect, as almost all other websites hint at the administrative and clinical side.  

 Feeling nauseous because of the complexity of this concept? Don’t get tangled up in this because all you need is an EHR system, and everything will be sorted out flawlessly. Kareo EHR and Practice Mate EHR software are the two top picks of healthcare professionals in this regard. These solutions simultaneously handle all three care centers’ aspects without distinction. There’s no doubt about the reliability of these vendors. Dive in to know more about it.  

What Does the Financial Side Involve? 

When referring to the financing of healthcare practices, we are looking at the broader perspective. It’s about more than just creating and sharing invoices. Financial modules of EHR solutions cover insurance eligibility checks, claims management, denial resolution, clearinghouse, bill processing, payment collections, and much more. So the concept is way broader than one can even imagine.  

 Managing clinical finances is not child’s play. It involves payer contracts which are hard to maintain. The most critical point of handling financial streams is gathering data to proceed with bills and claims management. EHR solutions like Kareo and Ally Practice Mate effortlessly deal with this process by integrating the EHR and RCM models. It allows for seamless data transmission to the invoices directly from the patient databases.  

How Kareo EHR Software Handles Finances? 

Kareo EHR is a pro in financial management. Its services are not restricted to medical practices but extend to medical billing services providers and insurance companies too. The diversity of Kareo when it comes to bills and claims handling is beyond one can even imagine. The billing functionalities of Kareo EHR are embedded in its workflow and thus easily adapt to the customized needs of professionals.  

In the reviews, Kareo is known for simplifying the billing intricacies. Here’s how it does it. 

  • Provides a billing dashboard so physicians keep track of all incomings and outcomings.  
  • Conducting reports based on performance KPIs.  
  • Verifying insurance eligibility for boosting collections 
  • Kareo conducts encounter reviews to ensure no payment is missed 
  • Offers charge capture so that no charge is left unattended 
  • Features insurance enrollments to speed up claims processing  
  • Offers ERA service for effective claims management 
  • Prevents disruption in cash flows by submitting claims electronically 
  • Run proof-check keeping denials to a minimum 
  • Improves clinical productivity with an automated payment posting function 
  • Mitigates the need for annual bill processing crafted automated patient statements 
  • Kareo patient collect functionality increases patient collection 
  • Harnesses the power of business analytics engine to evaluate billing performance

Aside from all this, Kareo EHR displays billing information on the patient portals allowing for online bill clearance. It even allows the creation of convenient shortcuts saving plenty of time. Moreover, this feature is fully customized. The demo of Kareo software illustrates all these aspects elegantly. So, set a demo with Kareo now and gain actionable insights.  

How Practice Mate Handles Clinical Finances? 

Financial management is child’s play for Ally Practice Mate. This leading EHR platform is loaded with endless intuitive billing specs that shape the revenue stream. In addition, it ensures accuracy in bill processing, ensuring providers timely get what they deserve. This cost-free solution adds value to the cash flow of medical practices with enhanced visibility into billing inefficiencies.  

  • Proceed onwards to understand Practice Mate EHR billing software better.: 
  • Practice Mate Office Ally entitles users to use a free clearinghouse.  
  • Allows providers to submit claims to participating payers 
  • Not only Ally Practice Mate scrubs claims but also rights the wrong 
  • Features a free online claim entry tool 
  • Generates detailed summary reports so clinicians can tap into their performance 
  • Running patient eligibility checks is a no-brainer that maximizes collections. 
  • Care professionals are even entitled to free claims submission 
  • Supports real-time, 24/7 transactions 
  • Patient statements are address-cleansed, ensuring the patient gets the statements timely. 
  • Practice Mate EHR software doubles the amount of remittance slips practices receives 
  • Speeds up data entry for invoice creation  

All this illustrates that Practice Mate Office Ally is more of a claims handler. It sifts the claims like no other vendor can ever can. Here’s the catch, Practice Mate EHR software doesn’t charge a dime. Most of its functionalities, like claims generating tool, claims submission to payers, etc., are free of cost. However, Kareo doesn’t offer any cost-free medical billing services.  

Practice Mate EHR vs Kareo EHR 

Practice Mate is also not less than any other solution, but Kareo EHR beats it. There’s no wonder why. Kareo is indeed a powerful medical billing solution. It holds a compelling aura of accuracy and transparency that is reflected in its billing specs. Practice Mate Office Ally also deals with billing tasks seamlessly, minimizing distortion in clinical practices. 

Kareo is undoubtedly a phenomenal software dealing in care and perfection. The way Kareo handles billing is simply splendid. However, just believing in mere words won’t do for you as it’s a matter of clinical reputation. So, we recommend you to set up a demo with Kareo. The Kareo EMR demo elaborates on how it unlocks the true potential of practices by finely handling the billing operations.   Users laud its analytic rules engine and charge capture facility the most.  To know more about the financial module of Kareo, you can consult its reviews. Hundreds of user reviews praise the billing and claim management capability of Kareo. Some even say it is a one-of-a-kind healthcare platform that masters the art of streamlining cash flow.  

 On the contrary, Practice Mate Office Ally is suitable for small to midsize practices with moderate billing needs. The fact that Office Ally costs nothing but still offers everything a medical health facility needs is plausible. Getting impeccable solutions at no cost is a blessing these days; thus, Office Ally is the finest pick for those who are tight on budget.


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