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Selecting the Best Safety Rails or Raised Toilet Seat

by sabinaakther41

For people with Safety Rails or Raised Toilet Seat restricted mobility or those recuperating from the hip, knee, or back surgery, restroom safety comes first. Utilize our collection of handrails and toilet seats to find the ideal bathroom safety option.

What to Take Into Account When Selecting Safety Rails or Raised Seats

When choosing a bathroom safety device for your Safety Rails or Raised Toilet Seat home, try to examine all the elements.

Safety rail or raised seat

You must first choose between a raised seat and a safety rail based on your demands. While safety rails merely assist in sitting and standing, a raised toilet seat adds height. We advise a higher toilet seat if your range of motion is restricted to reduce the amount of bending required.

Our regular raised toilet seat design gives your toilet seat an extra 5″ of height and includes padded handrails to make it easier for you to stand and sit.

Toilet Dimensions & Form

Make sure that the elevated toilet seat or railings you select will fit your toilet bowl’s size and form. The most popular design is called standard; it has a rounded form and sticks out 28″ from the wall. Seats with an elongated design are 31″ from the wall and have a more oval shape.

Before placing an order, you can review the details and measurements in the individual product descriptions. Choose our Stand Alone Rail or Stand Alone Toilet Rail for a nearly certain fit. These solutions are quite flexible because they don’t need to be installed on the actual toilet seat.

Security Rails

With their firm grasp and durable construction, safety rails are a dependable way to add extra support when getting on and off the toilet. Ours are resistant to corrosion in wet bathroom conditions because they are composed of lightweight, strong aluminum. Many bathrooms can benefit from them, even though the fact that they may not always be practical due to their size. Choosing a solution without handrails can make more sense if you already have wall-mounted grab bars or aren’t concerned about balance.

Foam cushioning is present in all toilet seat risers with arms, raised toilet seats, small toilet rails, and stand-alone toilet rails to ensure a firm hold. The grips on our toilet safety frame are made of textured plastic, which prevents slipping, is simple to clean, and has an ergonomic design for a pleasant grip.

Add This Toilet Seat Cushion for More Comfort!

Extra Height

All of our seat risers provide the toilet a little more height, which greatly eases getting on and off, especially for people with weak knees or a limited range of motion. Our Standard Toilet Seat Riser and Toilet Seat Riser both add 3.5″ while our Raised Toilet Seat Riser adds 5.5″ Toilet Seat adds a full 5”.

Weight Limitation

To maintain stability and safety, you should purchase a bathroom safety device that can hold your weight with ease. Check the chart above to see how much weight each of our bathroom accessories can support.


While all our safety rails and toilet seats provide strong support, certain designs are more heavy-duty than others. The extra horizontal support bar in our newest safety rail design eliminates any wobble while in operation. Other good stability advice is as follows:

. Even extra support is provided by handrails. READ ALSO : Bathroom Fittings and Accessories

. The most stable seats and rails are those that bolt to toilet seats.

. Even though the Standalone Rail offers plenty of support, the user must have enough mobility to move around without falling or toppling.

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