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Luxury Villas in Manali – A ZEN HIPPIE TOWN OF HIMACHAL

Luxury Villas in Manali

by Theroyalwoods
Luxury Villas in Manali


Manali is a stunning hamlet tucked away in the lovely Beas River valley, a gift of the Himalayas to the world. It is a rural community famed for its chilly weather and snow-capped mountains. Providing relief to those fleeing the oppressive heat of the plains and seeking a place to find their inner peace. Only in the early 20th century did Manali’s tourist business begin to take off, mostly as a result of its abundant natural resources and healthy environment. Luxury Villas in Manali – A zen hippie town of himachal is the best Place to get snowy experience.


The Room in Manali is unquestionably a Himalayan paradise. In the summer from April to July and in the late summer to early fall from October to December. Travellers swarm to this municipality, which is locate in an open valley with terraced fields scattered with hotels and resorts which brings peace and harmony to people’s mind. The whole place has a calm and peaceful vibe which provides for a great atmosphere of calmness for the visitors.

Manali is the place to go if you have ever fantasized about relaxing by a stream. Snow or waking up to a lovely dawn with stunning vistas to take in and meditate in the serenity. READ ALSO :Calming and Peaceful Bedroom

The place is a great depiction of solitude and tranquility, which makes it a paradise for adventure seekers. Nature lovers looking to step off the beaten path and experience nature closely and at the same time clear their mind and become one with nature.

Luxury Villas in Manali

Luxury Villas in Manali , IN THE NATURE’S LAP

A top tourist destination that enhances your travel here in Manali is the Rohtang Pass, which is located 51 kilometres from Manali on a winding uphill route. The pass allows access to the Lahaul and Spiti region throughout the summer. Previously, Heavy snow blocks the route in late November which after great work would be again opened six months later. May but now with the engineering marvel and construction of the Atal Tunnel.  Lahaul spiti valley is now easily accessible to every visitor throughout the year. Atal tunnel is the highest single-tube roadway tunnel exceeding 10,000 feet (3,048 m) in the world, measuring 9.02 kilometres in length.

Tourist cars begin rushing to the Pass from June to August to experience snow as the summer heats up and the snow begins to melt. The adventure sports of paragliding, hiking, and skiing are also popular among visitors. Nehru Kund, Jogini Fa, and Kothi are just a few of the nearby attractions worth seeing. Rowing, white water rafting, and other adventure sports are also permitted on the River Beas. It meanders down the valley from Manali to Kullu after gushing down the Rohtang Pass mountains.

You have to go paragliding if you’re in the adventurous valley of Manali. A paraglide, a small, portable, and unique aircraft that glides through the air supports the sport.

Rafting, also known as the best river rafting around Manali, is an exciting adventure activity that is immensely popular among thrill seekers. In this thrilling water activity, an inflatable raft is use to cross a river or lake with a strong current.

Trekking is a fun activity that involves walking a set distance. This is mainly done in rural and mountainous areas. Rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking are commonly combine. People go hiking primarily to experience nature.


The Royal Woods by Aaroham, one of the most picturesque Luxury Villas in Manali. Aaroham resort offers breathtaking views, snow-capped mountains, peace and tranquillity. The comfort of an estate hidden in the middle of nature. Our home gives you a sense of the Garden of Eden with its apple, plum, and peach orchards. The resort is an architectural marvel, meticulously crafted from the best Deodar, Pine, and Marandi wood.

Twenty kilometres from the main city of Manali, in the centre of the valley, The Royal Woods offers amenities, adventure activities, and sightseeing nearby. Your stay here unlocks the possibility of having your cake and eating it too. If you like to hike, raft, paraglide, or delve deeply into the splendour of art and cultural displays, we have everything covered for you. The resort has properties that boast beautiful living rooms, modular kitchens, private dining areas, and ample personal space. Every bedroom in the multi-floor estate has its own balcony so you can enjoy every last bit of the picturesque setting.

Our butlers, private chefs, and servants work hard to provide you with a magnificent experience in addition to 24-hour security and private parking. The outdoor garden is not just a beautiful sight. It is also a source of the finest multi-cuisine outside dining and the freshest fruits and juices. Through handcrafted furniture, the interiors capture the spirit of Himachal Pradesh.

While gazing up towards the heavens, one feels the warmth of a cottage from the sloping sal-teak roofs. The Royal Woods’ adaptability enables you to have a holiday in a group. While also giving you privacy while you’re there.


The ROYALWOODS GARDEN AREA is a cosy spot for all of your late-night discussions. The centre of endearing conversations and chuckles is this garden area. It is an ideal location for enjoying a cup of chai and taking in the serenity of the highlands at night. Nature keeps an eye on you and envelops you in its safe and calm mood. The terrace is a place that is likely to catch your interest. We are confident that you’ll wind up spending most of your nights here. Your soul is truly awaken by the experience of the view, a little stroll around the organic farm. Even just sitting here in the morning. Aaroham Resort is the Provider of this Best experience of your family tour and travel.

Every corner offers a distinctive framing of the flawless mountains. Follow our advice or discover your own particular favourites; either way, a great encounter is guaranteed by us here at AAROHAM RESORTS.

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