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Impact of E commerce on Logistics

by milan

The explosion of e-commerce has had a strong impact on the logistics professions. Indeed, since their appearance, online sales sites have multiplied thanks to their enthusiasm, which has had a strong impact on distribution channels. Customers who often order on e-commerce sites now have the choice of having them delivered anywhere, whether to their home address (mailbox), to their place of work, to a pick-up point or to a temporary vacation address, for example. These delivery preferences generate a huge reorganization of the supply chain. You can get in touch with Best Transloading Services in California

What is a supply chain or SCM planning?

The SCM or a Supply Chain Management represents the entire supply chain of goods until delivery. It therefore includes the stock of goods, the transport flow, the data flow. The financial flow and the overall management flow. Everything is done to guarantee the customer the product ordered, its quantity. The place of delivery and the time of delivery.

The profound changes in the supply chain. Brought about by the rise of e-commerce, have imposed continuous training on all trades around the supply chain: trades in the transport of goods. Order preparation, management of logistics providers, customer satisfaction, etc.

Objective: ensure a balance between inventory management and delivery time

Stock management

To ensure attractive margins for merchants. They must combine the reduction of their stock of goods and ensure attractive delivery times to attract customers. As a result, the more the supplier has a substantial stock of goods. The more he will have to deal with a management that is very difficult to carry out.

Best Transloading Services in California

Best Transloading Services in California


Online sales have the advantage of offering customers the possibility of buying at any time but also from anywhere. However, this mode of purchase impacts the inventory management of merchants. However, thanks to the implementation of APS logistics software, which is optimally configured to achieve these objectives. These IT tools come in support of standard ERPs and allow suppliers to centralize their management flows. Whether in stores or on online sales sites (multichannel or omni- channel activity).

In addition, to facilitate the management of merchandise, stock and the preparation of orders, e-merchants must also equip themselves with WMS (Warehouse Management System), which is a software package intended to ensure the management of the operations of a storage warehouse . This software allows the suppliers to categorize, consolidate and organize customer orders with the goal of improving productivity and profitability levels while dealing with increased online sales.

The delivery time

With the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are increasingly ordering remotely and at any time. Moreover, they are all waiting to be delivered anywhere and as quickly as possible. Indeed, more than 58% online buyers prefer to be delivered to a pick-up point or even to Click&Collect if the brand has a physical stores. It is for this reason that companies must absolutely equip themselves with a specific Transport Management System tool. Order to benefit from a logistics dashboard that makes it possible to very simply and clearly restore the monitoring and management of transport goods.

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