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How to Detail Your Car in 8 Simple Steps

by sanjuislam230
wash, wax a car Detail

wash, wax a car Detail: In America, washing your car on the weekend has long been a custom. Auto detailing is a more upscale procedure that autos now receive.

South West Auto It involves more than just wiping down and vacuuming your car’s interior and exterior with soap, a towel, and a garden hose. To transform your car from “clean” to “like new,” auto detailing focuses on cleaning the tiny details.

You have two options: spend money to have your car professionally detailed or do it yourself to save money.

Step 1: Wash

wash, wax a car Detail: Use dish soap and a bucket of water to wash off any old wax from. Your car Use the two-bucket wash technique to protect the paint finish on your car Use a bucket with simple water in it to rinse everything. Use a different bucket for washing, and fill it with the soap and water mixture. You can buy a decent wash mitt or use an old rag.

Step 2: Clay Bar

Cloying a car is the process of eliminating dirt that has adhered to the surface of your car and that washing by itself cannot get rid of.  You can knead the clay bar as you work to maintain a clean surface. Clay your car’s body, windows, tail lamps, and headlamps with extreme care. READ MORE : Know About Car Detailing

Step 3: Polish

After cloying, polishing is advised to remove any marring that the cloying did not remove. For your polishing requirements, choose your compound and buffing pads. You can skip this step if there is no need to correct the paint.

Step 4: Glaze

It would help if you glazed the paint to improve its depth and sheen. Use a polishing rag and some auto gloss to give your car’s exterior a thorough polish. For best results, only one coat is necessary.

Step 5: Sealant

Apply a sealant on your car’s paint to preserve it from the weather for several months. This sealer will bond to your paint. Stretching the sealant as thinly as you can helps it adhere better you have. The option of using a hand-held buffer or an electric polisher such as a random orbital polisher. Use a little amount to apply. The sealant to the middle of the foam or pad then use. Your fingers to spread it as thinly and evenly as you can throughout the working area.

Step 6: Wax

wash, wax a car Detail: Applying a sealant and waxing your car are identical processes. When utilizing the product, little is more. Section by section, apply wax, and let it cure or dry for at least one hour and as long as 24 hours.

Step 7: Microfiber

To decrease the chance of damaging your paint, make sure to remove any tags when purchasing a microfiber product, and wash it before using. READ ALSO : Does Car Wash Wax?

Step 8: Wheel and Tire

Initially, make sure that your wheels and tires are dry and clean. Use the curved sponge to apply the tire dressing after spraying it on the sponge. Alternately spray it evenly and thinly onto your tire.  After applying the initial coat of treatment, drive your car a short distance.

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