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How to Start an ICO Development Services in 5 Days?

by Jennifer_watson
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Blockchain technology is currently undergoing a revolution. Many companies today think that digital currency will advance the field of money and finance. Yes, indeed! They are entirely correct. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a cutting-edge strategy used by up-and-coming startup businesses to introduce their product and attract cryptocurrency investors. By launching your ICO, you can achieve enormous success. Because of this, more and more business owners are becoming interested in the ICO development services. Read the following tips if you want to launch your product and are looking for ICO software.

In just 5 days, how can your ICO launch?

You will initially need a landing page and an ICO backend where investors can use their bitcoin and Ethereum to purchase your newly created tokens. We have pre-built software that can complete this task in two days. The primary task after that will be to market the ICO. By completing these day-by-day tasks, you can easily launch your ICO software in just 5 days. Therefore, roll up your sleeves and prepare to carry out the following actions:

Day 1: Reconsider whether the ICO is appropriate for your company and proceed as necessary.

Startups should ask themselves, “Do I really need to launch an ICO for my business?” as their first question. Well! In the crypto world, launching an ICO does not guarantee that your business model will also adopt the blockchain ethos. The degree to which the ICO is incorporated into your company will matter more. Obviously, there are a lot of obstacles in that direction. Every time a new token enters the market, it is subject to intense speculation. The only factor that determines whether a token is successful is a significant demand generated by market participants.

Making a real product is the crucial next step. A real product must be built in order for an ICO to succeed. So, take your time and use blockchain technology to create a solid, secure, robust, and scalable product. It is actually safe for start-up companies to make a small investment in developing a product. People are more likely to invest in an ICO that has a working product, which will help their business to grow and earn more money.

DAY 2: Create the Token and obtain all legal opinions necessary for your company.

The easiest step in the entire ICO process is to create a token. A token can be a utility token that helps the product function or a security token that represents a portion of the company. Because the token is the actual asset of any business, it is the easiest but also the trickiest one. Any tradable identity or good, such as virtual currency, gold certificates, reward points, virtual goods, IOUs, etc., can serve as the token for your company.

Determine the scenario in advance, including the amount of money you want to raise through the ICO, the number of tokens you must issue, the number of tokens you must keep and sell, etc.

A formal legal opinion should be obtained before participating in the token market. It is wise to be familiar with the formal legal description and opinion of the token offering since you will be using other people’s money. The top 3 reputable law firms that you should consider hiring are: 1. Cooley, 2. Perkins Coie, and 3. K&L Gates 3. These law firms assist you in becoming familiar with all pertinent rules and laws (that must be followed to launch an ICO).

DAY 3: Compose your product’s whitepaper.

Writing a white paper is a difficult task. A technical prospectus, marketing strategy, and business plan are all elaborately documented in the whitepaper (of your product). Writing a quality whitepaper for your product and getting it published are crucial. Hire a qualified content writer for this demanding part.

DAY 4: Get involved in the neighbourhood and start a buzz.

Make a splash with your token. You cannot avoid taking this step, so it is very important. Consider what would happen if investors were unaware of your token. You obviously can’t make a token sale in that situation. To make your presence known, you must take an active role in the cryptocurrency community. Spend time and money on the ICO marketing platforms listed below

  1. Forums
    It is currently the most popular forum. Your business will undoubtedly benefit from the reviews you receive here.
  2.  Reddit
    Join thematic subreddits to find your target investors. You can also make your own channel right here.
  3. Calendars for ICO
    To compile “the lists of best ICO’s,” bloggers and tech experts frequently consult websites that list ICOs. Coingecko.com, Coinshedule.com, IcoCrowd.com, IcoCountdown.com, CoinList.com, and many more are just a few of these websites.
  4. Discussions on Quora
    You should take an active part in Quora discussions about particular cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Don’t forget to backlink to your ICO’s landing page as well.
  5. LinkedIn Groups
    There are countless groups on LinkedIn that talk about initial coin offerings, including BLOCKCHAIN Professional Network, Bitcoin Blockchain & FinTech Think Tank > Cryptor Trust, and many others.
  6. Telegram & Slack
    Present on Slack and Telegram communication channels are potential investors. So save yourself some time and open a channel on these communication platforms.
  7. Groups on Facebook
    Another place to find the ICO’s news is on Facebook groups like FASIS. Making noise about your ICO in these groups is undoubtedly a smart marketing move.
  8. Influencer advertising
    The biggest obstacle to the success of your ICO is trust. Find the ideal influencer in your niche, pay him to promote you, and expand your web audience.

DAY 5: Start pursuing token exchanges

Once the token sale has been completed successfully, you must begin contacting ICO exchanges to list your token. Investors can buy and sell your token on the open market once the token exchange approves it. It would be wonderful to be accepted by the oldest and most reputable exchanges, like Bittrex and Binance. Otherwise, even the smaller exchanges will work for now.


The success of any ICO project is not complicated by any rocket science. To assist you in launching your ICO, you should hire experts with experience in the crypto sphere. We are a leading supplier of ICO development services. For the token sale, we have pre-built ICO backend software that can be added to your website in just two days. Please feel free to get in touch with our experts if you require any additional information or suggestions. Our staff is constantly available to provide you with the best solution for your particular business model.

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