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Do You Want To Work As A Lifeguard course In Water Parks This Summer?

by Elizabeth john
As A Lifeguard Course

One of the jobs that is most in demand in summer is that of a lifeguard in water parks . This is a job of great responsibility because you have in your hands the safety of all bathers, and therefore, just anyone cannot do it. First of all, you must be a responsible, resolute person and in possession of the appropriate qualifications to practice as such.

How can I work as a lifeguard in water parks?

In the first place, and as we have already said from ALA a moment ago, you need the title that certifies your competence as a lifeguard . To achieve this you will have to take a course made up of two modules, one on first aid (which is usually carried out in swimming pools), and another that covers the knowledge of rescue and swimming techniques.

The minimum age stipulated for you to take this course is 16 years old, but in order to work as a lifeguard in water parks you must have reached the age of majority, that is, 18 years old.

It is very important to have a good physical shape, Therefore swimming with lifeguard course is easy.

In the module dedicated to first aid, the necessary knowledge is acquired to, forgive the redundancy, help someone who needs your help . From the different ways to bandage and heal wounds to how to resuscitate a person are issues that are covered in this module. Theory is important, and the practice takes place in a pool, where you learn what is necessary in relation to rescue and lifeguarding in the water. Examples might be rescuing a person from the water or getting them out of the pool without getting hurt.

It is true that the duration of courses to become a lifeguard in water parks depends a lot on where they are taught, but, in general, these training courses last approximately 80 hours.

What are the functions of a lifeguard?

The job of a lifeguard in water parks is none other than to ensure the safety of all bathers. This therefore means that she will stand guard and see that everyone is using the facilities in the recommended way. If necessary, he will ask people to stop acting in a certain way, always remaining vigilant that there is no problem.

He will be alert to any difficulty that a user of the water parks may have and will help in any way he can. You may need to use life-saving techniques or first aid.

You may also need to see to it that the areas around the pool are in top condition. For this reason, you will have to make sure that any safety element used around the pool is in good condition, or you will also have the obligation to find any aspect or element that needs to be repaired.

Of course, it is very possible that you do not only work on weekdays.

What professional and personal profile should you have?

As in all professions, the lifeguard in water parks has a very defined profile . In the first place, he must have, as we have said before, a degree that enables him to carry out this work, which is what certifies that he has the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to do so.

It should not be forgotten that the lifeguard will have to help people in the water (and out) and do so diligently, so it is essential that they are in good physical condition and have the ability to swim properly. On the other hand, he must be able to communicate with other people and have a great capacity for patience, attention and know how to proceed at all times.

Finally, to work as a lifeguard in water parks, it will be necessary to be calm and know how to resolve difficult situations that may arise.

How much can a lifeguard charge in water parks?

Obviously, although each case is different based on the company you work for, they are all governed by the General Lifeguard Agreement. This document establishes that there are 4 levels of professional. In the first place we find level A , whose base salary exceeds one thousand euros per month. If you add the plus that exists, it can exceed 1400 euros.

The lifeguard in level B water parks has a base salary of around 855, and, when adding the extra, can reach 1,111 euros. The C-level professional has a base salary that reaches almost 800, and adding the plus, can reach one thousand euros per month. Finally, we find the lifeguard on duty, whose salary is between 800 and 100 euros per month.

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