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Comparative Analysis Between Permanent and Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary Tattoos

Do you want to have a tattoo on your body? If you are, you have two major options to choose from. Permanent and temporary tattoos are two kinds of tattoo designs that we can get. In this blog, we will compare them and look for the best option you can get.

If you are looking for a permanent or temporary tattoo in Seattle, you should look for a professional tattoo artist. Unless you get an expert, you can’t expect quality tattoo designs. Let’s go deep into our topic and look for the answers we seek.

What Is A Temporary Tattoo?

Temporary tattoos are tattoos made with non-permanent ink. Tattoo artists use airbrush machines to make these tattoo designs. These designs can last for a couple of days or a week. Look for a professional airbrush tattoo artist to have New Orleans Saints temporary tattoos.

Permanent Tattoo Designs

As the name suggests, permanent tattoos are for life. Here, artists can use professional tattoo machines to make tattoos. If you want a design for life, you should choose a permanent tattoo design.

As we have already discussed the basics of tattoo making, here are some comparisons between temporary and permanent tattoos. Read them carefully and then decide which tattoo is best for you.

Comparison Between Permanent Tattoos and Temporary Tattoos

  1. Making Procedure

First, look into the procedure involved in making temporary and permanent tattoos. Temporary tattoo-making is simple. You need to have an airbrush tattoo machine to have a temporary tattoo.

On the other hand, if you want to make permanent tattoos, you need rotary or coil tattoo machines. Comparatively, permanent tattoo making is more complicated than temporary tattoo making. Consult with a professional tattoo artist to learn more.

  1. Equipment Needed

For temporary tattoos, we need special inks to create the design. If you have stencil designs, you can create many designs. For permanent tattoos, we need tattoo machines along with needles, tissue, aftercare lotions and many more. Always look for standard items for getting beautiful-looking tattoos.

  1. Cost

The cost of getting a permanent tattoo is much higher than having a temporary tattoo. If you are sure about your tattoo design, you can invest in permanent tattoos. Else, temporary tattoos will do fine.

  1. Can We Efface The Tattoo?

Once you have done the tattoo design, not all tattoos are effaceable. If you have done a temporary tattoo, you can remove the tattoo anytime you want. Permanent tattoos are for life. You can’t remove a permanent tattoo. Although we can remove a permanent tattoo using laser technology, the process is difficult and costly.

  1. Effect On Health

Not everyone can have a permanent tattoo. Especially small children and older people should avoid permanent tattoo designs. Everyone should consult with a doctor before getting a permanent tattoo. Temporary tattoo-making doesn’t have any health hazards. Anyone can have them for fun.

We hope this blog has delivered a comparative study between temporary and permanent tattoos. Consult a professional tattoo artist to decide which tattoo design is best for you.

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