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ChartsPro EHR vs Experity EHR: Comparison

by ryan020001

ChartsPro and Experity offer two very different types of EHR software, both of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

Software Features: ChartsPro Software vs Experity Software

The first thing to consider when comparing EHR software is the features offered by each system. This includes everything from charting options to billing capabilities and patient communication tools. Here are some examples of each product’s key features:

Charting Options – Experity offers a relatively standard set of charting options that include dictation, paper notes, templates, and customizable templates. There are also some basic charting templates available for nurses and other medical professionals who don’t want to use the full set of features available in the EHR software. ChartsPro EHR offers many more charting options than Experity does, including checklists for nursing staff, progress notes for nurses, discharge summaries for doctors, notes for family members and caretakers, etc.

Billing Options – Both products offer integrated billing systems that allow users to easily send bills directly from within the software interface (or even export them as PDFs). 

ChartsPro EHR Software Features:

Patient Portal – Patients can view their own information, request appointments, and communicate with providers through the patient portal.

ePrescribingChartsPro EHR supports electronic prescriptions that are formatted according to industry standards. This feature allows you to send prescriptions directly from the chart and electronically transmit them to pharmacies of your choice.

Secure Messaging – Secure messaging allows for the exchange of secure documents between providers and patients within the system. This feature offers protection against unauthorized access because only authorized users have access to each document.

Alerts & Reminders – Alerts and reminders can be configured so that you receive an email when certain events occur within the system (such as an appointment being overdue).

Document Management – Documents can be uploaded directly into the chart from outside sources or created within AmazingCharts EHR itself. Once uploaded, these documents anyone can access who has permission to view them without having to save them locally first (which saves time).

Experity EHR Features

Experity EHR is a leading EHR system used by more than 10,000 healthcare providers and more than 500 hospitals throughout the United States. Some of the key features include:

Patient Portal – patients can access their electronic health records (EHR) online and make appointments with their providers through the web portal.

Patient Demographics – includes patient demographics such as marital status, gender, education level, and ethnicity.

Medical Terminology – allows users to create medical terms in their own language or dialect.

Nursing Tasks – allows nurses to create nursing tasks for patients based on their care plan. Nurses can also track patient vitals and administer medications using this feature.

Medication Administration – allows nurses to record medication dosages and administer them to patients without having to look up information from paper forms.

ChartsPro EHR Reviews vs Experity EHR Reviews

ChartsPro EMR

The user reviews for ChartsPro are very positive. There are a lot of positive comments about how easy it is to use the software, as well as how intuitive it is to use. Many people have also mentioned that they like to sort everything out by a doctor, so they know exactly what information they need to share with each doctor.

Experity EHR

Experity has been around for many years, so many reviews are available on this particular product. Most of them are positive, but there were some complaints about bugs in the software and glitches that made it hard to use. Some people also complained about how difficult it was to navigate through all the features and functions of the program

Experity EHR is a product made by Experity Software, Inc. It has been reviewed by 6 users and was given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. ChartsPro EHR is a product made by ChartsPro Inc., which was reviewed by 6 users and received an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. The ratings calculated in real-time based on the opinions given by our members for each software application listed above.”

ChartsPro EHR Pricing vs Experity EHR Pricing

ChartsPro EMR is offered at a monthly subscription of $100 per month. This subscription includes unlimited patient volume, unlimited users, and unlimited secure storage for documents. You can downloaded software or can access it through the web, which means that you can use it from anywhere. ChartsPro also offers a 30-day free trial so that you can experience the features of the software before purchasing it.

Experity’s Cheapest Software Is Only $50/Month

Experity offers three different tiers of software, each with its own price tag: $50/month, $75/month and $80/month. The more expensive options include more features such as advanced reporting options and trend analysis capabilities. However, all of these tiers come with unlimited users (which is always nice), 24/7 phone support and no contracts required.

Experity Software vs ChartsPro Software: The Verdict

The most important factor in selecting an EHR is what it can do for you and your practice. While Experity and ChartsPro have distinct features, both are capable of providing excellent patient care through a wide range of functionalities.

Experity EMR offers a more robust set of features than ChartsPro. It includes more templates, as well as the ability to integrate with other applications like ePrescribing or Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This is a useful feature for practices that have already invested in these systems and want to use them in conjunction with Experity.

ChartsPro has fewer templates, but they tend to be more customizable than those offered by Experity. This means that if you want to create something specifically for your practice, ChartsPro may be better for your practice.

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