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How To Prepare For Your Move

by shumail 7878
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How you prepare for your move Best Movers Company Dubai  will determine whether or not it will be successful. This means that good preparation will allow you to reduce your stress, forgetfulness, breakage and loss of items. Whether you have found accommodation or are in the middle of a search, do not spoil part of your dream by skipping this step.

1 – I Set A Moving Date And Start My Administrative Procedures

By blocking a date, it will be possible to warn those around you. This will make it easier for you to find people to help you move. D-Day will come quickly and extra arms won’t be too much.

This way, you can notify your friends, colleagues and family and they can block the date in their agenda. Ideal scenario to have vital forces and facilitate the transport of all types of goods.

Similarly, as soon as the date is blocked, you can start the administrative procedures. You will have enough time to terminate your lease and notify the company that manages your electricity and gas of your imminent departure.

You will also take advantage of this time to carry out all the repairs that are waiting in your home: clogged sink, blocked door, peeling wallpaper, unfilled holes in the wall…). This will save you any unpleasant surprises when the inventory of fixtures is carried out, if you are a tenant.

2 – I Choose The “Right” Date To Move

You will see this when you have to book your moving truck. Some times of the year are busier than others. For example June to September, the weekend, the requests are more numerous. If possible, schedule your move during the week and if possible, between October and May. This way, you will avoid some hassles in terms of organizing and booking your moving truck. Best Movers Company Dubai

3 – We Anticipate The Arrival In Our New Home

For those who have found their new home, start preparing for changes of address or insurance, telephone, gas and electricity contracts. Set up the follow-up of your mail and also warn your relatives of your change of address.

Mail tracking is set up for 6 or 12 months. Take the opportunity to notify your new neighbors of the move-in date, especially if you are moving into a building or residence. By signaling your arrival, you may be able to avoid disturbing your neighbours.

“I moved on a Wednesday and my neighbor Olivier had worked the night before. So I planned to arrive after 12 noon to allow my future neighbor to rest after his night’s work. If I hadn’t warned him, I would never have known that he worked overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in a hospital and that he slept on Wednesdays from 7am to 12pm,” said Etienne de Reims. “It allowed me to get to know Olivier” adds Etienne.

Tip Location-gardemeuble.fr: When you are going to move, you will have to choose the right size of truck. For smaller budgets, 3 m3 vehicles are available for hire. They are perfect for transporting small items such as boxes, for example. Other sizes are more suitable for moving, such as the 10/12 m3 truck for furniture and objects in a home of up to 30 m². The 20/23 m3 moving truck will remain the preferred vehicle for all other moves. Adapting the right size truck will save you a lot of back and forth and wasted valuable time. It is better to favor, if possible, a single trip.

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