Acumen 2.0 EHR Vs. A.I.Med- what's there to know about not-so-exalted but efficient Healthcare Systems!
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Acumen EHR VS A.I.Med EHR- what’s there to know about not-so-exalted but efficient Healthcare Systems!

by ryanmike

What is Acumen 2.0 EHR: 

Acumen EHR collaborated with Epic in 2017 to develop Acument 2.0, intended exclusively for nephrology practitioners (the specialty of medicine focused on the kidneys). The Acumen 2.0 clinical workflow experience is built on the Epic platform and assists physicians in managing and sharing treatment and medical facts with patients.  

Acumen 2.0 EHR Software Powered by Epic Features:

  • EMR/EHR  
  • e-Prescribing  
  • Patient Portal  
  • Compliance Tracking  
  • Practice Management Software  
  • Patient Demographics  
  • Appointment Scheduling  
  • Mobile App  
  • Telemedicine Software  
  • Appointment Reminders  
  • Reporting and Analytics  
  • Medical Billing Service  

What are the benefits of Acumen EHR?  

Acumen EHR Physician Solutions provides the next generation of EHR and practice management software for nephrology practices. The software is powered by Epic is the best-in-class solution for large practices now and in the future. Acumen 2.0 is an EHR platform that provides a full solution for nephrologists. This new platform is designed to meet the specialized needs of nephrologists. Acumen EHR collaborates with Epic EHR to expand its feature set. This collaboration connects clinicians with skilled physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and big pharmaceutical corporations. Furthermore, this collaborative environment enables medical professionals using Acumen EHR to quickly access care services such as Epic practice management, patient portal, EMR, MyChart, etc. Furthermore, his client-oriented software handles nephrology-related requests and provides seamless support.  

This nephrology-specific software includes useful features such as Acumen Nephrologixx, Acumen Plus (EHR + PM), and RCM services. In addition, there are modules such as Acumen PM, nEHR, Mobile Charge Capture, and PQRS. Over time, this sophisticated software has fostered a strong network of healthcare communities. For example, acumen EHR serves around 280 nephrology care centers and over 2,400 nephrologists.  

This ONC-HUT-certified device from 2015 complies with HIPAA regulations. It also has end-to-end connectivity with renal dialysis facilities. This results in a high-quality workflow that allows clinicians to work efficiently.  

The fascinating element is that Epic is not nephrology-specific software. Of course, it’s not constructed that way, but this partnership has made it work. Epic paves its way in with straightforward tools to support physicians, reducing the important care services that are not primarily targeted for nephrology-specific settings. Furthermore, Acumen is backed by next-level customer service, a unique selling proposition for this unique EHR platform.  

Acumen EHR Pricing and Demo:  

The Acumen EHR pricing plan must be published on the company’s website. Instead, subscribe to this seller to get pricing information. Acumen EHR has three pricing tiers for small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses. Furthermore, depending on the size of the medical practice, the Acumen EHR cost ranges from $500 to $15,000.  

Acumen EHR’s real-time demo insight will assist you in making an informed judgment regarding the vendor’s fate.  

Acumen EHR Reviews:  

From the standpoint of the review, Acumen EHR has received mostly positive reactions. However, the reviews portray Acumen EHR as a user-friendly system. It is useful for managing the workflow of private care centers and allows for flexible patient scheduling. Overall, this powerful platform is highly versatile and simple to use.  

Examine A.I.Med EHR and its advantages. 

Acrendo Software’s A.I.Med EHR is a complete electronic health record (EHR), medical billing, and practice management (PM) solution for small to medium-sized practices. This cloud-based application is suitable for both single and multi-specialty practices.  A.I.Med All-in-One EHR/PM has assisted many practices in increasing patient volume, reducing documentation errors, and decreasing A/R cycles. The EHR includes templates for Urology, Gastroenterology, Osteopathic Medicine, Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Nephrology, Pulmonary Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, and Urology. It is offered as a server-based solution as well as a cloud-based solution. As a result, practitioners can select whatever solution best meets their requirements.  

Features offered by A.I.Med EHR: 

  •  Electronic Medical Records (EMR)   
  • Report Builder  
  • Document Management / Sharing  
  • e-Prescribing  
  • Mobile Application  
  • Mobility  
  •  Electronic Claims  
  •  Paperless Scheduling  
  •  Speech Dictation  
  •  Radiology Interface  
  •  HIE Interface  
  •  Vaccine Interface  

A.I.Med EHR Advantages: 

A.I.Med EHR Software enables practice employees to streamline their day-to-day work while maintaining the highest degree of competency and integrity. The technique works smoothly over wireless networks and is compatible with voice recognition applications.  

A.I.Med EHR offers a sophisticated Practice Management Solution that allows medical practices to combine administrative and financial activities effortlessly. It has preset settings for over 20 specialties, including ICD codes, frequently used menus, and a CPT code scheduling system. In addition, electronic Eligibility Verification, Multiple Provider Views, Appointment Remainders, e-Signature Pads, Patient Pictures, and e-Statements are among the features of the A.I.Med PM system.  

Meaningful Use stage 2:

A.I.Med is an ONC-HIT-certified IT Software for Meaningful Use stage 2. Aside from that, the program is ICD-10 compliant, a requirement for everyone under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, the cloud-based EMR software is compatible with any device, including tablets, iPads, phones, and other Android or iOS-based devices.  

Acrendo devices such as Ultra-Book Convertible Tablets, Dictation Speechmike for hands-free note-taking, Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Touch-Screen Desktop PCs, and Digital Signature Pads are also compatible with A.I.Med.   It also offers a variety of services to medical offices, ranging from technical support to on-site staff training on their software solutions.   

More than a hundred built-in templates for various specializations are included in the EMR system. Users can customize the pre-designed templates to their preferred writing and documentation style. Its drag-and-drop capability makes developing specialty-specific templates easier for practice employees. Drag and drop technology gives practitioners control over specialty-specific templates, while editable drawings and diagrams assist clinicians in spotting issues. Additionally, clinicians can change drawings and schematics in real time to detect problems quickly. Clinical documentation capabilities in Acrendo’s medical software are simple to use. This software assists users in eliminating paperwork errors and enhancing patient care. Aside from that, practice management includes A/R, billing, insurance verification, and patient scheduling for improved office efficiency. READ MORE : Artificial Intelligence Education

A.I.Med EHR Software Pricing: 

 A.I.Med EHR does not give pricing information. For pricing information, please get in touch with the vendor. It provides exceptional customer service by phone and email.  

A.I.Med EHR Software Reviews: 

 According to A.I.Med EHR evaluations, the software features a comparatively shorter learning curve. It makes navigating and learning easier. Unfortunately, the system requires some minor updates. 

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