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5 Ways to Use SMS to Battle The Sales Slump This Winter

by Ashishguni

Getting clients’ attention is crucial, and texting is one of the most effective methods to do it. On average, a response to a text message is received within a couple of minutes and is read quickly. There isn’t any other medium with such steady participation. It is the first step in enhancing your sales and marketing efforts, which in turn will help your company expand. You’ll find a breakdown of the top five below:

  • Make the most of lead creation and inbound marketing.

It takes effort and expense to attract customers to your online or offline business. Convert as many of them as possible into paying clients. Most people who visit a website do so to get answers to issues they have before making a purchase, and most people would prefer to ask someone directly than look up the information themselves. An SMS chat (a web chat widget for texting) is the answer to this problem.

A visitor may start a discussion with you through chat on your site, and you can respond to them by text messaging. This not only offers you their mobile phone number, which is great for follow-ups, but also keeps the dialogue continuing even after they’ve left your website.

  • Increase your sales by following up with potential customers before the competition does.

Potential customers often make repeated attempts to contact a company before making a purchase. The first company to react often closes the sale. You may get a jump on responses by texting. Include a request for a contact number on your online form, and immediately after the form is submitted. Send the prospect a text message to verify that you received their information. This is a fantastic way to make the client feel cared for. It allows your representative to text you back whenever they have free time.

In certain cases, you may be able to seal a purchase, provide an estimate, or set up an appointment all by text message, depending on your sales pitch. If you need more information before you call, send a text to see if anybody is free to talk for a few minutes. Texting is also useful for persuading prospects to move quickly so you can close a transaction and for obtaining rapid updates on their decision-making process.

  • Reach out to previous clients with fresh, seasonal, and supplementary deals.

Businesses of all sizes may benefit from SMS marketing campaigns. You may use them for cross-selling, up-selling, and even re-engaging dormant leads. It’s always a good idea to publicise specials, especially during the holiday shopping season. Take a look at your client list and see if there is a specific group of people you wish to communicate with. It’s possible that this is already simple with the help of your customer relationship management (CRM) system or texting service. Building a continuing subscriber list is aided by keywords, as noted in point 1.

Send a message outlining the deal and how to claim it. To add impact, you might include a picture or a link to a website. 

Get additional business by encouraging satisfied clients to write online reviews.

Consumers-to-be read feedback posted on websites like Amazon and eBay before making a purchase. Businesses who consistently get five-star ratings stand out. You may increase the number of reviews you receive on the web by texting your customers. Ask for reviews from consumers by text message, and provide a link to the review site of your choosing.

These requests may be automated with the use of a trigger action in your customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), or other software system. At some point after a transaction is finalised or a service is designated as complete, this may occur. Whether one-on-one or in bulk SMS(through an SMS campaign), you may directly contact clients and ask for feedback at any time.

Be paid more often with less hassle.

Every store requires a way to accept contactless payments, and there are currently two viable options: credit cards and text messages. To begin, you may send a client a text message demanding payment, along with a link to make an online payment. Send a text message as a gentle reminder. When compared to issuing bills through mail or email, this method greatly reduces the time it takes to be paid. Second, you may implement “text-to-pay” by linking your business’s texting number to your payment gateway. Thus, you may receive payments safely and promptly by text message.

To get started, you’ll need to use a texting provider as SMS Gateway to turn your company’s main phone number into a texting-enabled one (s). This allows you to separate your professional and personal lives by not constantly using your personal phone number. It provides a tonne of extra features, including the ability to send out group texts, automate tasks, accept payments, add more users, and more.

Organizations may improve the results of their SMS marketing initiatives by utilising Guni’s bulk SMS service. It’s a huge plus that you may save money while still sending a unique message to your clients. With the help of analytics and reports, you can monitor the performance of your marketing campaign and alter your approach as necessary (if required).

To get started, focus on only one possible application. Put on as many layers as you need to feel secure. You’ll quickly begin to wonder how you ever managed your sales and marketing efforts before using texting.

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