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4 E-Commerce Mistakes To Avoid In Your Wholesale Business

by Thetech Lines
E-Commerce Mistakes

E-Commerce Mistakes: It is unrealistic to state that one has not made any mistakes throughout, whether in life or business. Wait! Are you recalling all the mistakes made? You need to stop now. We are not allowing you to delve deeply into the mistakes made. However, we do want you to consider the mistakes that need to be smashed out of the way. Your wholesale business is running a long-term race in the sector, but you need to close the loopholes to make it a standout firm in the market.

Growing huge like VeeTrends is all about revolutionizing over time with modern tech, questioning your own strengths, keeping an eye on competitors, and never missing out on an opportunity to grow. However, with all the things you have been catering to, you may also encounter some downs on this journey, and most likely they are the results of the mistakes you commonly make. Though your whole business journey is all about highs to relish in and downs to learn from, you need to be your own warrior and hit all the mistakes to keep them out of your way.

You need to avoid these 4 wholesaling mistakes

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing fields in the 21st century. The growth of the sector steadily increased during COVID because of the business shift to digitalization. E-commerce is home to startups and mid-sized wholesale firms, making it a whole new world to understand. Thus, getting lost in the huge arena might be a possibility for your wholesale business. However, by avoiding a few e-commerce mistakes, all the operations will work at your fingertips.

Looking like a retailer

Losing your own identity as a wholesaler is probably the first mistake you are going to make after entering into the e-commerce realm. Standing out in the crowd is never possible without diluting your presence in the market. However, the idea is to embrace it across all platforms.

E-Commerce Mistakes is People might confuse you as a retailer not a, but don’t let it happen. Be wise in your word choice and mention “wholesale” on your website to make it understandable that you deal in B2B business models. Though everyone will land on your homepage, emphasis on the product page is also crucial. The easiest and effective approach is to incorporate all the wholesaling features into the website.

Overlooking product pages

How would you feel if you entered a room decorated with lights on the exterior but the interior was all dark and hollow? Yes! You can feel the disappointment. The same goes for your wholesale website as well. No doubt you have put a lot of effort into customizing your homepage because people will significantly delve into it. But, overlooking your product page is not the right way.

If you are experiencing high bounce rates and low conversion rates, your product page is not getting enough attention. From high quality images to well-written product pages, your product page needs a level up game this time.

No reviews

The power of influencing decisions based on the opinions of others has significantly increased with social media taking over everything. Likewise, customer reviews in e-commerce are the central pillar. Bringing Amazon under the spotlight, it has made customer reviews the basic pillar for growth.

Whether you are a startup dealing with a small number of customers or have established yourself in the market, work on getting feedback from them. Going through VeeTrends will give you an understanding of how reviews and opinions affect business growth. Customer reviews will help entice other leads and will create a positive image amongst people. Connect with your customers and ask for testimonials.

No investment in e-commerce software

The main E-Commerce Mistakes is do work without e-commerce software If you are still carrying a pen and paper along to keep the records and manage the inventory, you are definitely lacking in all aspects. Tracking future success is only possible with the investment in ecommerce software. The world and the changing dimensions of technology have given a new outlook to all businesses, and transforming along with them is crucial.

It might be huge for startups with budget constraints, but the right move at the right time eventually leads to the right destination. Integrate QuickBooks and accounting systems into your e-commerce to have easy functioning of the website and for easy handling of the wholesale business.


You can’t learn the right way without choosing the wrong one. However, some of the philosophies of life need alteration in the business realm. Making mistakes is fine, but making them knowing the consequences is like stepping on your own foot.

E-commerce is growing across all corners, and eventually, the steady growth also demands attention towards all the loopholes to fill in the gaps. Likewise, your wholesale business needs to be aligned with avoiding all the mistakes and should continue on the right path.

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