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10 Things To Know When Buying Coconut Wax Blend Candles

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If you’re someone who loves candles, you know that choosing the right one is a big deal. Not only do you need to find one that smells nice, but you also have to be sure it won’t cause any damage or harm. That’s where coconut wax blend candles come in. These candles are made with a blend of both waxes—coconut oil and beeswax—and they offer a lot of benefits that other types of candles don’t. If you’re looking to buy some candles, make sure to check out this list of 10 things to know before doing so. You might just be surprised at how well these blends work!

What are Coconut Wax Blend Candles?

Coconut wax blend candles are made with a blend of coconut and wax. They are high in natural fragrances and usually have a longer burn time than other types of candles. They are also affordable, making them a great option for those looking for a candle that will not break the bank.

What are the Different Types of Coconut Wax Blend Candles?

There are many different types of coconut wax blend candles, so it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are the different types and what they are used for

  1. Soy wax: Soy wax is a natural wax that is made from soybeans. It is a popular choice because it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain paraffin, which can be harmful if ingested. It is also a good choice for those with allergies to other types of waxes.
  2. Palm wax: Palm wax is made from the oil Palm Kernel Oil, which comes from the fruit of the palm tree. This type of candle has a strong scent and a soft, creamy texture. It is well-suited for warmer temperatures because its low melting point gives it a slightly longer burn time than other types of candles.
  3. Beeswax: Beeswax is made from the honeybee’s droppings and secretions. It has a warm, woodsy scent and melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for cold-weather candles. Because beeswax contains natural toxins, pregnant women should avoid using beeswax candles unless they are specifically labeled as safe for use during pregnancy.
  4. Lanolin Wax: Lanolin Wax is derived from wool fat and has a delicate fragrance that some people find appealing. It has a low melting point and dries quickly, making it ideal for quick-burning candles

How to Choose the Right Size Candle for Your Room

Candles to come in a variety of sizes, but it’s important to choose the right one for the space you’re filling. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size candle:

– Think about the size of your candle flame. A small candle will have a small flame, while a large candle will have a larger flame.

– Consider how often you’ll use your candle. A single-use candle will be smaller than a votive or an incense holder candle, which will last longer.

– Consider how much light your candle will give off. A brighter light means that your candles will need to be lit more frequently and can result in more waste.

Tips for Safe Burning of a Candle

When burning a candle, make sure to

– Choose a container that is large enough to hold the candle and enough wax to cover the wick.

– Place the candle in a safe location where it cannot be knocked over or blown out.

– Use caution when pouring the wax onto the wick. Pour slowly and evenly so as not to create any hot spots on the surface of the wax. If necessary, use a heat-resistant spatula to help smooth out any bumps or areas of unevenness on the surface of the wax.

Benefits of Buying Coconut Wax Blend Candles

  • Are fragrant-free
  • Do not produce hot spots or soot when lit
  • Last longer than candles made with other types of wax

Candles made with coconut wax are said to be a popular choice for people who want fragrance-free candles because the wax doesn’t react with other ingredients in the candle. Additionally, these candles are also said to last longer than those made with other types of waxes, and they don’t produce hot spots or soot when lit.

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